Professional Grounds Maintenance

At The Garden Maintenance Company, we maintain the gardens and grounds surrounding residential housing estates, apartment complexes and commercial properties.

Each maintenance contract is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the grounds themselves, depending on whether there are green areas, bedding areas, trees, planted flower pots, paths/roadways or residential gardens that require maintenance. We meet with property managers; management companies and business owners and we offer advice on what services should be included within each contract.

Every contract is individually priced based on the size of the area to be maintained and the frequency of visits that are required in order to ensure that the gardens and grounds are cared for to a high standard throughout the year.


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Example of a maintenance spec for a large housing estate

F : Fortnightly
M : Monthly
A : As Required
Scope: All common areas within the estate including the 6 apartment blocks.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cut grass a a m f f f f f f f f a
Trimming/Pruning of plants as appropriate for species. (Each plant will be clipped back at least twice per year) m m
Edge grass verges a a m a a m a a m a a a
Clean up litter m m m f f f f f f f f m
Spray for weeds and moss along walls/kerbs/around trees and shrubberies/parking bays/gravel areas f f f f f f f
Canopy pruning of trees m
Feeding of lawns and treating them for moss and weeds a a
Clean up Leaves m m f f m